There are many reasons why a dog might bite a person. If you find yourself in a stressful or high tension situation, even a well-behaved dog can act out and cause an injury. Occasionally, dog owners are negligent and fail to properly restrain their pet. If a dog has bitten you, it’s essential to seek medical care immediately and document any injuries you’ve sustained. Next, be sure to contact a qualified attorney to discuss the specific details of what may become a personal injury case.

Our Costa Mesa personal injury lawyers are dedicated to advocating for victims of unjust dog bites. Not all accidents require the help of an attorney, but it’s best to contact qualified legal support right away to discuss the details of your accident.

How Do I Know if the Dog Owner Can Be Held Accountable?

Some states have more lenient dog bite laws than others. It’s crucial to contact a local attorney who’s knowledgeable about how the law functions in your specific area. In some states, for a dog owner to be liable for a dog that’s bitten you, that dog needs to have a documented history of attacking people. If there are no prior incidences of dog bites occurring with that dog, it may be challenging to demonstrate liability, and there may be no opportunity for compensation.

Other states have stricter dog bite liability laws and do hold owners responsible for dog bites that occur on both public and private property. Even if it’s the first time the dog has bitten a victim, strict liability states will hold the dog’s owner accountable. In extreme cases, the dog may be removed from the owner’s home in a proactive step to ensure no future accidents occur.

If the dog was not properly restrained, this might strengthen your dog bite case. As the victim of the dog bite accident, you have the burden to prove that the owner was careless in this situation. Proving negligence can be difficult, so it’s essential to document as much of the scene of the accident as possible to demonstrate the owner’s negligence.

As with any personal injury accident, seeking medical advice is an incredibly important first step. Staying healthy is crucial, but in the context of personal injury law it’s proactive to document any medical injuries immediately to strengthen your case in court. If you are a victim of a dog bite and require hospitalization or medical care, Sweet Lawyers may be able to recover that compensation for you. If your dog bite injury causes you to miss work, your lost wages can be factored into your case and may be awarded to you as well. Dog bites can be a terrifying and traumatic experience. At Sweet Lawyers we take the time to listen to every aspect of your accident. We will defend your pain and suffering in court and will stop at nothing to award you the highest amount of compensation we can.