If you have suffered a car accident, the most important thing to do is seek medical care immediately. If you are experiencing any symptoms of distress, it’s essential to get to the hospital to ensure no damages have occurred. Your health and safety are the priority in any personal injury situation.

The second most important thing to do is collect any possible evidence from the scene of the crime. Collected evidence is one of the most important components of a strong case. The more specific the evidence, the more valuable it is. After an accident, it may be challenging to remember the specific details of what occurred. Make sure to take pictures of the make and model of the other party’s car. Be sure to document any physical damage sustained on your car and other cars in the accident. Skid marks, shattered glass, and any other broken pieces or debris all constitute solid evidence of the crash.

If there are stop signs, bike racks, or other related items that were damaged, it’s important to document this as well. Take note of any signs that indicate speed, such as “slow down” signs or signs that indicate cars should merge or stop altogether. If there is inclement weather like snow, black ice, or even torrential rain, photographs of the environment surrounding the crash will also help to build a strong case. More evidence of the environment can help Sweet Lawyers advocate on your behalf in court and demonstrate the liability of the other party.

Take a wide variety of photos from multiple angles. Remember to use flash when applicable to be sure your photographs are detailed enough to provide insight into the situation. If possible, use any items available for scale. Hold a key, purse, water bottle, or another item available to demonstrate the size and severity of any damage that occurred. Take photos from close up and far away. The best rule of thumb is the more evidence you collect, the stronger your case in court.

The More Evidence You Collect, the Stronger Your Car Accident Case

Be sure to get contact information from any witnesses at the scene. If you can record a witness testimony of the events, your case will be even stronger. In addition to getting the other party’s insurance information, take pictures of their license and insurance to have the most accurate account of all information.

If you report the accident to law enforcement officials, your police accident report may also be used as evidence in court. It’s important to have a copy of this document.

After you’ve received medical attention for any injuries sustained, it’s important to also photograph your injuries and document the damage that was done to your physical self as well.

Our Costa Mesa personal injury lawyers will look at your evidence and use their knowledge and breadth of experience to give you the best options for your car accident case. We will stop at nothing to win justice for you and your family and provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.