In California, when you’re injured in a slip and fall accident, and it’s at someone else’s negligence, you likely have yourself a legal case. Whether it’s something small or big that happened, you shouldn’t just shrug it off. This incident could have been prevented. It’s worth getting some legal advice to explore potential compensation for any losses you endure after your accident.

You can choose to file a third-party insurance claim with the company or take matters into your own hands and seek help from a personal injury attorney in California. Keep in mind that the state of California has a two-year statute of limitations for slip and fall injury claims. Keep track of the date it happened and make sure all evidence shows it was within the two-year timeframe.

Seek Medical Care to Obtain Proof of Injury

After a slip and fall accident, you should always seek medical attention. Whether you go to the emergency room or make an appointment with your family doctor, make sure you have them document everything, including what your concerns are and their findings.

Ask for copies of your medical records, whether it’s just the notes or any x-rays or other tests you receive following the accident. Medical documentation is critical, as it will be considered substantial evidence if you do bring the case to court.

What Else Qualifies as Evidence in a Slip and Fall Case?</2>

Aside from medical proof, you will want to see if you can get other evidence like any names and contact information from anyone who was around. If anyone witnessed your fall, ask them if they can be a witness. If you have any photos at all, save them. Usually, cell phones and tablets have the date automatically time-stamped on photographs.

Aside from photos, you can see if the place where you fell has any video footage. They may not be too willing to give you the video, but they will hand it over to authorities or Costa Mesa personal injury lawyers if needed. Additionally, you could file a police report if the slip and fall was brought on due to intentional behavior by another person.

All of the above is a great place to start to bring as much evidence with you as possible when you seek legal help. Having this evidence is crucial to it’s not just a hearsay case. You will have the best possible outcome in court if you have the proof.

Our firm has an experienced team of personal injury attorneys that can help you through this slip and fall case. Not to mention, we can help you navigate through the complicated laws of California to give you the best possible outcome with your case.