At Sweet Lawyers we know how to deal with the unique proceedings that surround tractor-trailer accidents. When big trucks collide with standard passenger vehicles, almost always, the smaller car comes out irreparably damaged. Passenger vehicles are no match for the immense weight and density of a commercial truck or 18-wheeler. Still, these aren’t the only reasons that truck accidents call for unique and specific legal accommodations.

Immediately after getting into a truck accident, you need to contact a Costa Mesa personal injury lawyer who will protect your rights and guide you thoroughly through the accompanying legal proceedings. By connecting with an experienced attorney, you can receive answers for your questions, accurate legal advice, and learn more about your options for filing a claim and dealing with your insurance company. Contacting a lawyer immediately helps document critical evidence and details of the crash. The longer you wait to contact a lawyer, the more likely you’ll have forgotten crucial details of the accident, which may affect the strength of your case.

Truck drivers have a different set of legal stipulations they must adhere to on the road. There are many state and federal regulations with which truck drivers and truck companies must comply, including but not limited to prescription medication use, license qualifications, and hours of operation. It’s important to speak with attorneys familiar specifically with these types of cases, to ensure whether these regulations were violated, which may contribute to the strength of your cases.

What Do You Need to Know About Tractor Trailer Accident Cases?

Building a complete case of a truck accident involves obtaining the truck driver’s phone record to ensure they were not texting or talking on the phone while operating the vehicle. A qualified law firm can also get the truck company’s records to assess and previous foul play or a history of unsafe driving. Tractor-trailer operators also use trucking logs to record their daily mileage and distance traveled in a given period. This type of information is useful in getting a complete idea of the environment in which the crash occurred. Many truck drivers are met with unrealistic driving schedules and are expected to complete an unsafe number of miles in a short period. Aside from driver error, these long and grueling hours can cause truck parts to malfunction or fail, causing the driver to crash. This situation can place liability on the truck part manufacturer or parent company of the trucking organization. It’s crucial to speak with a qualified attorney to be on top of every aspect of the crash.

If the truck driver violated any government or company-provided regulations, you may be entitled to compensation. Never discuss the details of the accident with the other party’s insurance company, attorney, or the adjuster. Instruct them to speak to your attorney and provide them with your attorney’s contact information, instead. Remember, When you choose Sweet Lawyers, you don’t pay anything upfront or out of your pocket. You have nothing to lose, your consultation is free and confidential, and you won’t pay a single penny unless we win your case.